BOOK TITLE | The Right Chord

The Right Chord



The Right Chord

Short and Sweet


Unceremoniously dumped by her latest boyfriend, violinist Grace Richmond is told she is too easygoing, a pushover. So she swaps her eclectic clothing for power suits, pins up her wayward curls and acts tough. Voila! New Grace is born. But the fine line between assertive and obnoxious eludes her. Her new persona seems to be generating greater problems---particularly in her relationship with her attractive new neighbor. Can she let down her guard long enough for him to see the true Grace---clumsy and soft though she may be?

Recently divorced sci-fi writer Harry Birmingham just wants a quiet life in suburbia with his eight-year-old son, William, and their dog, Woof. He swiftly discovers two things---his new home is next door to a practicing musician, and Woof howls when he hears a violin. Intent on peaceful cohabitation, Harry is alarmed to meet a woman frighteningly reminiscent of his ex-wife. Grace is aggressive, prickly, and downright rude, even if she is gorgeous. But Harry wonders if he's missing something---William and Woof adore her. Is there more to Grace than meets the eye?


Category: Short and Sweet
Pub Date: 2007
Edition Kindle Edition
Formats kindle, hardcover, paperback
Pages 240
Publisher Montlake Romance