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Empty Heart



Empty Heart

Romantic Suspense


One honeymoon, one vanished husband, one desperate wife–and the cop who is tasked to help her, but can't seem to keep his thoughts on the job.

Honeymooner Nikki Spenser emerges from the surf at Surfers Paradise and can't find her husband, her towel, or her clothes on the beach. Carlos has disappeared from her life as suddenly as he entered it.

In despair, Nikki returns to Sydney where she is contacted by Detective Luke Emerson, a reminder from her past she thought never to see again. Luke informs her that the man she married so recklessly in Las Vegas three weeks prior doesn't exist. Everything she knew about Carlos is a lie, and Nikki realises she knows nothing about her husband–not where he is, not even who he is.

As Nikki and Luke chase down tenuous leads, they soon find themselves plunged into an ever–widening sea of international crime and violence, and Nikki is faced with the hard questions–how much of her love is based on lies, and how much is true?


Category: Romantic Suspense
ISBN or ASIN: ISBN: 9780857992253, ISBN 10: 0857992252
Pub Date: 2015
Formats ebook
Pages 203
Publisher Harper Collins