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Longer Romance


From the author of The Ripple Effect comes a poignant novel about a mother who has given up everything for her kids, and her opportunity to take a risk on something for herself. 

Annie never thought to use underwear to meet a man, but the trick works on her downstairs neighbour, Hugh. Though he's a handsome English doctor, Annie wants nothing more than friendship. Luckily, neither does Hugh.


But their friendship is shaken and their resolve tested when Annie's flatmate, sexy and voracious Leonie, meets Hugh. Annie has no claim on Hugh's nights, but can she bear to lose him to Leonie? And when Annie's husband suddenly reappears, will Hugh fight for the family he didn't know he needed?


Category: Longer Romance
ISBN or ASIN: ISBN: 9780857990662, ISBN 10: 0857990667
Pub Date: 2013
Formats ebook
Pages 172
Publisher Harper Collins