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Coming Home



Coming Home

Short and Sweet


With her career as a cellist crippled by a repetitive stress injury, Libby is back in Sydney seeking employment and a home. When Libby meets Charles, memories stir -- of an obnoxious man in the apartment below thumping on the ceiling when she practiced cello, yelling in an English accent about 'selfish musicians' and 'cat's yowling.' But that was eight years ago, in Vienna. The son of famous musical parents, Charles had a lonely, bitter childhood, alleviated only by his great-aunt Gloria who, now in her frail old age, lives with him. He's never forgotten beautiful Libby but he could never let himself fall in love with such an obsessive musician. When Gloria hires Libby as her live-in companion, Charles is astounded. But without her cello, Libby's charms begin to beguile him, and Libby realizes that there may be more to life than music. Libby and Charles must deal with their personal struggles and resolve the discord between them if they can ever hope to live in harmony.


Category: Short and Sweet
ISBN or ASIN: 978-0-8034-9914-0
Pub Date: 2008
Pages 265
Publisher Montlake Romance