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The Ripple Effect background

 1 May 2021    published by:

Back in 2013 The Ripple Effect made me a proud Harlequin author for the first time through its Australian digital imprint Escape. I had the idea for the story when I read a newspaper article about a couple who had been married for a very long time, over thirty years, and somehow discovered to their immense surprise and shock that they were actually brother and sister. It got me thinking how I could use that idea but as one editor put it 'avoid the ick factor'. I had to create a scenario whereby my couple would think they were brother and sister...


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The background to Where There Is Smoke

 26 Sep 2019    published by:

I'm chatting on rural author Jennifer Scoullar's blog about the setting and animals in Where There Is Smoke. Pop over and see some photos that reflect my animal characters. Click here 


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